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gp3 workout grip exercise grips


Shape defines us - performance drives us

contoured geometry

Natural Comfort

The engineered contour design of the GP3 provides superior comfort for any task involving gripping. It allows for equal distribution of forces through the surface area of the hand during gripping. The GP3's durable thermoplastic rubber creates a comfortable, slip-free experience.

exercise grips GP3 workout grip
GP3 workout grip exercise grip

finger grooves

Grip function

A group of muscles situated between the fingers (intrinsics) are critical stabilizers and supporting structures to increase overall grip function and strength. The GP3 allows for maximal use of these muscles as compared to a bare grip or other grips of similar diameter.

With a unique contoured shape coupled with a grooved texture, the GP3 allows this group of muscles to activate, providing superior support for natural gripping and comfort.

exercise performance

Increase Force Production

Would you like to lift more weight? Research shows that contoured-shape grips provide a superior platform for lifting activities. The GP3 helps maintain proper wrist alignment during strength training critical for maximal force production and injury prevention.

Based on principles of functional anatomy and ergonomics, it has been shown that critical muscles in gripping are positively connected with musculature in the shoulder to produce more force in lifting movements.

GP3 workout grip exercise grip
gp3 grips workout grips

the GP3 difference

durability & Versatality

Durability: The GP3 is made with resilient material designed to maintain its shape and firmness with multiple uses AND designed to be cleaned after each use for good hand hygiene.


Versatility: The GP3 is designed to be used on Olympic style barbell and dumbbell's (28.5 mm) and any handle or accessory attachment at home or in the gym.

Not sure if you are ready to try the GP3?

It is completely risk-free! If you don't love how it feels in your hand when you grasp it, we invite you to send it back for a full refund.

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