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The Ergonomic Difference!

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with understanding interactions among human and other elements in a system.

We often hear of ergonomics in the work environment for reducing injury. The purpose of ergonomic design for workspaces is to adapt the workstations attempting to limit the amount of stress and fatigue on those workers whose bodies are under repetitive or prolonged loads which may lead to injury. The price for this is great with the potential for lost revenue and productivity for the company and the employee.

In the realm of human performance and fitness, the goal of ergonomics is to maximize output (repetitions/force production) while also reducing the risk of injury under loading conditions that places the musculoskeletal system at its limits.

One of the key differences when comparing ergonomically designed products in the health and fitness realm to the occupational environment is the intent of the design in human performance for maximizing the functional anatomy. This is done by considering the axis of movement of the targeted joint, optimization of muscle length tension to maximize force production and muscular endurance utilizing the most efficient muscle groups. When form breaks down either due to fatigue or poor control of the load ( gripping), the cost is poor quality of movement, less repetitions and greater risk of overload to the muscles or tendons leading to injury.

When products such as the GP3 are available and serve this intended purpose to improve the quality and quantity of your lift, why wouldn’t you try it?

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