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Our Company’s Purpose


I am excited to write our first blog post on our company purpose.

Being born in 1963 and classed as a Baby Bommer, we did not have the authenticity of company’s purpose. It was very geared towards Mission statement and back in the 70’s & 80’s company transparency was not a thing. Rarely did I experience that a company was integrated. Integrated with it’s employees nor its community.

Yet I chose this path because I thought the most impact to our community and world could be achieved through the private sector.

Fast forward to the year 2024, company transparency, accountability, authenticity and its integration has been very important qualities and actions for people who want to engage with them.

So I do believe that I chose the right platform.

Health Intrinsic Technology was born from a saying that my grandmother Corsina Yannarella said to me, “If you have your health you have everything”

Back then, I was young and I did not fully understand the impact that state has for all of us

So now I have built on it

Health, Intrinsic Technology, Good Health is your Greatest Asset

This is the foundation of our purpose

Joseph Bleacher

CEO Health Intrinsic Technology

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