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Never Give Up!

When it comes to, believing in something and being an entrepreneur it is very important to realize that you never give up. The road that you were on with all its twists and turns brings you to the place you were meant to be in the first place.

it is difficult to see sometimes but hindsight is always 20/20

The inevitable PIVOT will occur.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is that I believe the ability to adapt just like the theory of evolution is an important element of survival and success on your journey of self belief, discovery and bringing products to market.


So our pivot I want to share with you, The journey we started was definitely not where we are Right now. We did start with a dog squirrel on a stick, which led us to our first product called the Super Smart Stick. This ingenious idea came about when opioids were taking over the world and there was not much alternatives in the market for alleviating back pain.

We invested in the prototypes, patent and marketing to find out that the product was too expensive to manufacture. The patent already existed for another product and it would never launch.

At that time, all of us involved were very down and felt like this was the end of our road . However, a regroup was in order and we decided to take the gold nugget from that device and create a new device.

So the Super Smart Stick gave birth to GP3 Intelligence. We realized that the ingenuity and the simplicity of the GP3 Intelligence would connect better with everyone than the Super Smart Stick and we would actually have a chance in the Market place.

And that is where we presently are, we have launched the GP3 Intelligence we are gaining traction in the market helping people obtain better weightlifting goals.

Never Give Up!!

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