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How to Overcome Fear

It is important to realize that fear is only a state of mind.

Things that make us apprehensive, aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes when we get those feelings of apprehension, it is a time for us to take a step back and re-look at the situation..

Fear comes in many disguises and forms. The fear of the unknown and moving forward always seems to be a tough one for many.

I speak from my own experiences being at the age of 60 now a lot of the fear that I faced the unknown I’m not a scientist, but I do know One thing that just helped me faced my fears and always continue to drive to move forward.

That one thing is called weightlifting. Weightlifting is the best form of pain, relief even though it causes you pain.

Because of the hormones that it activates when pumping iron and the self improvement that you continue to strive for one more rep a bit more weight it settles your mind into a growth mindset

Through that growth mindset is the best way to challenge fear

It is all in our mind anyhow, and by lifting weights and striving for that 5 pounds more those one last rep you’re actually training yourself mentally and physically take on more to be stronger to be able to handle more stress and fear because the strength you’ve created in that gym

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