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Character and Connection

A Very important part of our humanity is that connection with others. To be able to share stories and understand the journey that we have taken. The challenges, triumphs, and failures that we have encountered overcome, learned and understood from.

This understanding is what brings us closer as human beings. We all have some relatable experiences that has created our humanity.

The way that I am hardwired movements has always been something that has established ability insanity in my life. That is why swimming weightlifting, running hiking and surfing have been slivers of My heaven on my journey.

I graduated from the university of Cincinnati. I came back to Youngstown Ohio to be a computer sales rep.. the challenge that I found was the mindset in Youngstown Ohio. Not many people I’ve encountered had a gross mindset.

For me, growth mindset is all I know. I’ve always been that way even sometimes to my detriment.

It’s what I believe I could do no matter what well said. So when me and my buddy Kevin Doi drove from Ohio to California for a new life. People did not understand my mindset in Youngstown, Ohio.

We drove out there at the age of 23 with the mission to become better human beings by challenging ourselves with new adventures.

So I was determined to become a surfer and maybe even competitively.

We found a place on 14th St. in Huntington Beach, California. I bussed tables while my friend Kevin Doi looked for a graphic design job.

Two months, two whole months it took every day four times a day on surfboard that was made for competition and not beginners before I rode my first wave. I remember the feeling exactly, I rode the wave all the way to shore picked up. My surfboard ran all the way back to our apartment which was to tell Kevin that I rode my first wave.

I remember having goosebumps from head to toe and when I got back to the apartment with all my excitement, I told Kevin that writing waves was better than sex

From that point, my confidence grew every day. I learned every every day I challenge myself every day. I was out there every day I wanted to be better. The end I was riding 10 foot waves going to Mexico, enjoying surfing in that connection with the ocean and our creator..

But the challenge is something that is real and is accepted as you learn, but the determination is something that build your character And connect with your life and its meaning.

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