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Our story began in 2013.

It all started with a dog, a squirrel, and a stick which led to an injury to one of our founding members. The traditional medical approach proved to be very frustrating and resulted in a delayed route to recovery. It was at this time that the search for natural healing methods through innovation and movement started. It was also at this time that Health Intrinsic Technology (HIT) was created. A union of like-minded individuals with a passion to help others through innovative solutions to health and wellness.

HITs original device was a novel approach to treat back pain through biofeedback and restoration of movement through core activation. The challenges of production from this device led to the creation of the GP3 Intelligence. With a survival of the fittest mentality, we utilized one of the key design features from the original product to enhance grip (an essential and often overlooked part of lifting and resistance training). With experts in the field of sports performance and PT, the GP3 was designed over time using principles of functional anatomy, biomechanics and ergonomics to allow you to achieve your lifting goals faster and reduce risk of injury. We pride ourselves on a product that promises to deliver comfort, performance, and versatility. 

The Mission of the roundtable is continuing to bring innovative, meaningful, and purposeful solutions and products to your health and fitness goals. Ensuring you can be the best version of you because your health is your greatest asset. 

Each meeting of the roundtable has behind it the core values: prosperity, purpose, intent, and insight - looking for the best solutions for our customers.

We look forward to building relationships with you and sharing in the success of your lifting achievements for years to come!

Joe Bleacher GP3 Headshot
Joseph Bleacher

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph is a graduate of University of Cincinnati (Marketing/Business Administration/Communications) and brings more than 32 years of experience in promoting brands and increasing sales for a Multinational Corporation. Joseph’s Star Quality is to provide a healthy commercial synergy between the product and the clients – a work ethic that is transferable across the different customer bases he has been involved in.


Rick Eberts headshot gp3
Richard Eberts

Chief Design Officer


Rick is a graduate of the Ohio State University and brings 22 years of product development experience, in corporate and consulting roles, to the Team. As Chief Design Officer, Rick’s focus is to fuel the purposeful, passionate mission of HIT products, packaging and branding with innovative user-centered processes, resulting in superior outcomes.

Mark Hammond

Director – Research & Development 


In his role with Health Intrinsic Technology, Mark is responsible for using evidence-based research to innovate and create products in all aspects of human performance. He brings over 15 years’ experience in the human performance industry with specializations in movement restoration, strength training and injury reduction.

Mark GP3 Headshot gp3
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